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Studies have been performed employing true colloidal gold with positive effects on people. Some of these studies are "Rationale for the Use of Colloidal Metallic Gold" and "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions".

There are a wide range of references throughout history to the value of colloidal gold in caring for joint inflammation disease, being overweight, anxiousness, depressive disorder, skin ulcerations, puncture injuries, nerve damage, natural purification, motor skills, restless leg syndrome, hyperactivity, poor eyesight, and poor hand eye coordination. gold colloidal is used to reduce dependency on nicotine, carbohydrates, caffeine, and alcohol. 4,500 years ago, the Egyptians used gold in dentistry, in ancient Italy, gold balms were used for the medical help of skin affliction.

Colloidal gold has a equilibrizing effect on degrees of human body. Robert Koch, bacteriologist from Germany found that compounds made with colloidal gold subdued growth of the bacilli that caused tuberculosis, and in 1890 was given a Nobel Award in Medical science. Colloidal gold is known to check prostate cancers in men. Some women with ovary cancer are medicated with gold water, and in surgery to patch damaged nerves, membranes, blood vessels, and bones.

NOTICE! The u. S. government is about to prepare a law that will block any natural mineral, vitamin or herb procurement without a prescription or physician. Please take the initiative to preserve your right to purchase a mineral, herb or vitamin without a doctor and the huge drug consortiums' approval and landfall profit taking. Inform your legislator that you need them to uphold your rights to choose mineral supplements without a prescription by a doctor.

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