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Clinical studies have been carried out do you need gold mixtures with positive results on men and women. A couple of these studies are "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions" and "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis".

There are numerous accounts in past history to the value of gold colloidal in treating inflamatory disease, diet problems, anxiety, depressive disorder, skin ulcerations, trama wounds, neuropathy, removal of high levels of toxins, reduced motor skills, neurologic conditions, aDHD, failing eyesight, and weakened eye hand coordination. colloidal gold is used to reduce dependence on caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and carbohydrates. 4,500 years ago, the People of Egypt used gold in tooth repair, in ancient Rome, gold balms were used for the natural remedy of skin infections.

Gold colloidal has a equilibrizing effect on levels of system. Robert Koch, bacteriologist from Germany brought out that chemical compounds made with colloidal gold inhibited incubation of the bacillus that induced tuberculosis, and in 1890 was given a International award in Medical science. Gold is also known to retard prostate problems in men. Women with ovary cancer are medicated with gold, and in surgical procedure to patch damaged blood vessels, nerves, membranes, and bones.

READ THIS! The united Nations is about to create a law that will cease any natural vitamin, mineral or herb procurement without a prescription or physician. Please take time to maintain your rights to buy a vitamin, mineral or herb without a doctor and the large patent medicine consortiums' approval and landfall profiting. Tell your legislator that you need them to uphold your rights to purchase herbal supplements without a prescription by a physician.

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This site is not advocating a treatment or diagnosing. All references here is from assorted public forums. No international agency has sanctioned or tested the mentioned gold solutions.

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