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Colloidal Gold
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Clinical studies have been carried out do you need true colloidal gold with positive outcomes on individuals. A couple of these studies are "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions" and "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis".

There are many references throughout history to the medicinal worth of gold water in dealing with inflamatory disease, obesity, anxiety, depressive disorder, skin ulcerations, trama injuries, neuropathy, natural purification, reduced motor skills, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder, poor eyesight, and diminished eye hand coordination. natural colloidal gold is used to lessen addiction on caffeine, nicotine, carbohydrates, and alcohol. 4,500 years ago, the Egyptians used gold in tooth repair, in early Italy, gold ointments were used for the medicines of skin ulcerations.

Gold colloidal has a balancing consequence on degrees of system. Robert Koch, bacteriologist from Germany brought out that compounds made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that induced tuberculosis, and in 1890 was given a Nobel Prize in Medicines. Colloidal gold is known to check prostate problems in men. Some women with ovary cancer are medicated with gold water, and in surgical process to patch impaired nerves, blood vessels, membranes, and bones.

READ THIS! The government is about to develop a law that may stop any natural vitamin, mineral or herb buying without a prescription or physician. Please take the initiative to uphold your rights to purchase a vitamin, herb or mineral without a doctor and the large pharmaceutical consortiums' approval and windfall profit taking. Advise your lawmaker that you entreat them to preserve your rights to choose herbal supplements without a prescription.

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This online site is not advocating a treatment or diagnosing. All documentation here is from several public scientific studies. No governing body has approved or tested the aforementioned gold products.

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