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Clinical studies have been conducted do you need true colloidal gold with favorable results on humans. A couple of these studies are "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions" and "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis".

There are hundreds of references throughout history to the medicinal worth of natural colloidal gold in treating joint inflammation disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, skin disorders, puncture wounds, neuropathy, removal of antioxidants, motor skills, neurologic conditions, attention deficit disorder, failing eyesight, and poor eye hand coordination. gold is used to decrease dependency on carbohydrates, nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. 4,500 years ago, the People of Egypt used gold in tooth repair, in early Italy, gold balms were used for the medical help of skin infections.

Colloidal gold 10 ppm has a equilibrizing result on degrees of person. Robert Koch, bacteriologist from Germany discovered that chemical compounds made with gold inhibited incubation of the bacilli that caused tB, and in 1890 recieved a International award in Medicines. Gold is known to check prostate cancer in men. Some women with ovary cancer are medicated with gold, and in surgical process to repair impaired blood vessels, membranes, nerves, and bones.

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