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Clinical studies have been applied by using true colloidal gold with positive effects on humans. Two of these studies are "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis" and "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions".

There are many historical references to the medicinal value of true colloidal gold in taking care of inflamatory disease, being overweight, anxiety, depressive disorder, skin conditions, trama injuries, nerve damage, natural purification, motor skills, restless leg syndrome, aDHD, failing eyesight, and weakened hand eye coordination. colloidal gold is used to reduce dependency on caffeine, nicotine, carbohydrates, and alcohol. 4,500 years ago, the People of Egypt used gold in dentistry, in early Rome, gold ointments were used for the coarse of action of skin disorders.

Gold has a balancing consequence on degrees of mind. Robert Koch, a German bacteriologist noticed that chemical compounds made with gold mixtures inhibited growth of the bacillus that induced tB, and in 1890 recieved the Nobel Award in Medical science. Colloidal gold is also known to retard prostate cancer in men. Some women with ovary cancer are medicated with .9999 pure colloidal gold, and in surgical operation to patch damaged bones, blood vessels, nerves, and membranes.

TAKE NOTE! The united Nations is about to pass a decision that will prevent any natural mineral supplement buying without a doctor's authorization. Please take time to preserve your rights to purchase a mineral supplement without a doctor and the large patent medicine consortiums' commendation and windfall profiteering. Tell your lawmaker that you want them to vote to keep your right to choose supplements without a prescription by a doctor.

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This website is not advocating a treatment or prescribing. All data here is from several public scientific studies. No international agency has sanctioned or tested the aforementioned gold supplements.

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