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Controlled studies have been performed using gold with favorable outcomes on humans. A couple of these studies are "Rationale for the Use of Colloidal Metallic Gold" and "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis".

There are hundreds of references throughout history to the value of gold colloidal in taking care of joint inflammation disease, obesity, anxiousness, depressive disorder, skin conditions, trama wounds, neuropathy, detoxification, reduced motor skills, neurologic conditions, attention deficit disorder, failing eyesight, and diminished hand eye coordination. gold water is used to lessen addiction on nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and carbohydrates. 4,500 years ago, the Egyptians used gold in tooth repair, in early Italy, gold ointments were used for the natural remedy of skin affliction.

Colloidal gold has a balancing result on levels of body. Robert Koch, a German bacteriologist disclosed that chemical compounds made with colloidal gold subdued maturation of the bacillus that induced tB, and in eighteen hundred ninety recieved a International award in Medicines. Gold is known to delay prostate cancers in men. Women with ovary cancer are medicated with gold water, and in surgical process to patch impaired blood vessels, membranes, bones, and nerves.

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