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Scientific researches have been implemented using gold mixtures with favorable outcomes on individuals. Two of these studies are "Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions" and "Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis".

There are a wide range of references throughout history to the medicinal value of colloidal gold in dealing with arthritis, being overweight, anxiety, depressive disorder, skin disease, puncture injuries, nerve damage, detoxification, motor skills, neurologic conditions, attention deficit disorder, failing eyesight, and poor hand eye coordination. gold colloidal is used to decrease addiction on nicotine, caffeine, carbohydrates, and alcohol. 4,500 years ago, the People of Egypt used gold in dentistry, in ancient Rome, gold balms were used for the natural remedy of skin ulcerations.

Natural colloidal gold has a balancing effect on degrees of human body. Robert Koch, bacteriologist from Germany disclosed that chemical compounds made with colloidal gold suppressed incubation of the bacillus that caused t.B., and in 1890 recieved the Nobel Prize in Medical science. Colloidal gold is known to check prostate cancer in men. Some women with ovary cancer are medicated with colloidal silver, and in surgical process to patch damaged blood vessels, bones, nerves, and membranes.

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